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An Admin is a role that is given to specific user that gives them administrator permissions within Unidy. Fundamentally this gives the user access to the Admin Panel.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is part of the UI of Unidy. Here an administrator can access, manage and configure specific features/settings and see overviews of all important user data.


Adyen is a third party payment platform that Unidy uses as a payment provider. Find more details on which Adyen features we support here.


A Brand within Unidy showcases a visual Brand identity to the user. Each Brand can be set with Custom User-Interface Styling, email templates and a preferred default language locale.

Communication Subscription

A Communication Subscription is a term HubSpot uses to signify when an email or contact has signed up for a subscription. In Unidy these communication subscriptions become Newsletter Subscription.


Channels are different digital communication means a user can receive their Topic information on via a Newsletter. Currently, the Channels Unidy offers are Newsletter Subscriptions via Email, WhatsApp, iMessage, or Telegram.

Custom Attribute

A Custom Attribute is a special type of User Attribute that can be further defined for greater control over user information. Custom attributes have the flexibility to have adjustable input types and values. They can also be shown or hidden on the user profile as well as be accessible (or not) from the user API for further integration with external systems. These are available upon request, please contact Unidy Customer Service for more information.

Custom User-Interface Styling

Custom User-Interface Styling is a bespoke front end configuration that Unidy offers to adjust the style and design of the Unidy Application. This involves the ability to adjust the main color palette, logo, icons, background images as well as setting custom CSS rules.

Double Opt-In (DOI)

A Double Opt-In requires a user to verify their email address and confirm interest in a second step. This additional step to the email subscription opt-in process means users are more likely to have higher level of interest in the subscription and also prevents bots or scammers signing emails up without permission. Double Opt-Ins are also recognized as a legally appropriate means to prove consent in Germany for marketing material.

Eventim Sports

Eventim Sports is a subsidiary of Eventim which is Europe's leading ticket and live entertainment ticket sales company. Eventim Sport's user API can be integrated into Unidy for synchronization of user data.


Events are a type of action that occur within a system. Their payloads disseminate information to external systems, which can in turn trigger actions in external systems. Unidy uses Events and Webhooks to synchronize data across multiple systems, for example syncing data between Unidy, Eventim Sports and HubSpot.


Features are a type of Setting in the Admin Panel. Features give administrators the ability to beta test new parts of Unidy with their user base before they have become a standard part of the Application.


HubSpot is a comprehensive third party cloud-based CRM designed to manage user data and to help drive sales and marketing for your business. Unidy can connect to HubSpot, syncing user and newsletter subscription data as well at reacting to workflows, dynamic lists and webhooks. See also Webhook and Sync Rule.

ID Token

An ID Token is a JSON Web Token signed by the issuing party (e.g. Unidy) which contains information about the user. It can be retrieved from the API's token endpoint as part of the authorization code flow. More information can be found in the OIDC Specification.

Language Locale

A Language Locale is a parameter that defines a users region and or language preference for use with text information. For example in Germany this is shown as DE or in the United Kingdom as EN.

Locked User Attribute

Locked Attributes are a type of User Attribute that can be individually specified and set on a user only once. Locked Attributes can be used in situations where you want to sync data to other systems but keep the value unchangeable in Unidy. For example this can be useful when you may not what a user to be able to change their date of birth once initially set. Default user attributes can be locked. Please contact Unidy Customer Service to configure this for your Unidy setup.

Manual Login

The Manual login is way to log into Unidy using your email and password. The Manual login can be configured on/off from the Settings tab within the Admin Panel.

Messenger Subscription

A Messenger Subscription is a communication means a user has opted in to receiving information from. It will contain information based on the users choice of topics for that subscription on sign up. User can manage and change these topics at a later date. Currently, Messenger Subscriptions are available via WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram.


Unidy offers a Multi-brand configuration where several brands can be configured within Unidy. This tool gives more flexibility when communicating with your users across more than one associated brand where there may be an overlapping user base.

Newsletter Subscription

A Newsletter Subscription is an email subscription a user has opted in to receiving information from. It will contain information based on the users choice of topics for that subscription on sign up. Users can manage and change these topics at a later date. Its worth noting that Communication Subscriptions in HubSpot are associated with a Newsletter Subscription in Unidy.

OpenID Connect (OIDC)

OpenID Connect is a specification for providing identity information based on OAuth 2.0. It can be used to e.g., build single-sign-on solutions.


Topics refer to the different options available to a user when choosing their preferred form of communication channel for a subscription. Each topic usually covers a different area of interest a user might be interested in keeping informed about, for example Club News or New Product Information. These topics can have a custom name and are linked to a specific channel of communication and are used in conjunction with email subscriptions or opt-ins.

Newsletter Subscription Token

A Newsletter Subscription Token is a token assigned by Unidy to a Newsletter Subscription and is unique to every email. This token enables the authentication of a user when clicking the DOI-Email link without said user having to log in. Newsletter subscription tokens don’t expire and are not withdrawn when unsubscribing to newsletters.


The Profile is part of the UI of Unidy. Here a user can access and manage simple profile data and login information. User


Plenigo is subscription management platform. Unidy can connect to Plenigo and sync user data to Plenigo and sync Plenigo access rights as subscriptions to Unidy.


Every user has a Role. The User's Role will determine which features and permissions they have access to within in the Unidy Application. Roles can be either user or admin.


Services are digital products that are offered to a user. When a service is available a user can connect it to their account and use this service via SSO.


Settings give admins the control to configure or toggle certain sections of the Unidy Application. Please contact Unidy Customer Service if there are further configurations you would like to change that are not yet shown as Settings in the admin panel.

Social Login

Social Logins are settings within the admin panel that give users the ability to use popular social media providers to login into Unidy. This is a variation of the Single Sign-On flow which uses data with consent from an online service in the background to simplify the sign-in process. These can be configured by an admin in Unidy under the settings tab. Currently, Unidy supports: Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn and Verimi as social login providers.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to log in with one set of login credentials to several related, yet separate web applications. For example using your Facebook username and password to access the Unidy Application.


Single Page Application Normally refered to as an Application which page is only loaded once and then changed dynamically.

Sync Rule

Sync Rules establish a definition of how data attributes should be synchronized between Unidy and other external systems. Sync Rules include the name of the data field in Unidy, the name of the data field in the external system as well as the direction in which the synchronization should flow. The Synchronization direction can be a one-way sync in either direction or a two-way sync going back and forth between two systems.

Subscription Category

Subscription Categories are teasers for Subscriptions that are available to the user to subscribe to. A category can also link to a URL of the subscription provider where the user can activate the subscription. Subscriptions always relate to exactly one subscription category, while one subscription category can contain zero to many different subscriptions. Obtained subscriptions are displayed in the frontend grouped under their associated subscription category.


Subscriptions are digital possessions a user obtained from different service providers (these are not to be confused with Newsletter Subscriptions). Subscriptions display a range of information and are also linked to a specific Subscription Category.

Unidy Customer Service

Unidy Customer Service is our internal customer service team who can help you with your custom Unidy configurations and setups. Feel free to contact us at

Unidy ID

The Unidy ID is a user attribute which is an unchangeable unique identifier. It is useful both for external systems to identify a specific user and for administrators to easily find a user in the UI. Unidy formats the Unidy ID in human-readable format using combination of numbers, letters, and hyphens for ease of use.


A User is an identifiable individual that engages with the Unidy application by sharing specific required information, for example an email and password to login. This may be through the Web User-Interface (UI) or the API endpoints via other external systems.

User Attribute

User Attributes are specific data attributes that are stored on the user that describe important user information.

User Interface (UI)

The User Interface (UI) is the user facing front end of the Unidy Web Application.


Verimi is German third party digital identity provider platform offering solutions for accessing online services. Unidy supports Verimi's OIDC login feature as a convenient and secure login option.


A Webhook is a type of HTTP custom callback that is triggered by a specific Event. They are often used to send data from one web application to another. Unidy has a number of endpoints that are able to digest webhooks and are used for synchronization of user and newsletter subscription data. More information on Webhooks can be found here.